Thursday, April 24, 2014

Down a Dark Hall book review.

 At the beginning of the book kit finds her self entering the surrounding of BlackWood but the only word that came into her mind was evil.Soon later 3 other students come to the school kit made close friends with Sandra or sandy for short.The one thing they found out that was strange is they found out that dead people are helping the students write their work.This creeps Kit out because soon latter their talents go raw and they don't have control over what they write and Sandy's poems are like a dead being wrote it and also Lynda is in her room all the time and they all realize their is something up with BlackWood.

I think that the book was good all but the ending because it was a cliff hanger and we wont know if this and that happen so I would recemend this but the ending is sooooo annoying.

My one question is really what do you guys think of the ending or the book in genreall and the challenge is just to read the book.

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