Thursday, April 24, 2014

Down a Dark Hall book review.

 At the beginning of the book kit finds her self entering the surrounding of BlackWood but the only word that came into her mind was evil.Soon later 3 other students come to the school kit made close friends with Sandra or sandy for short.The one thing they found out that was strange is they found out that dead people are helping the students write their work.This creeps Kit out because soon latter their talents go raw and they don't have control over what they write and Sandy's poems are like a dead being wrote it and also Lynda is in her room all the time and they all realize their is something up with BlackWood.

I think that the book was good all but the ending because it was a cliff hanger and we wont know if this and that happen so I would recemend this but the ending is sooooo annoying.

My one question is really what do you guys think of the ending or the book in genreall and the challenge is just to read the book.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Poetry Blog

      Poetry Blog

Shel Silverstein was born on September 25th,1930.He died on May 10th,1999.He was born in Chicago,IL.Shel Silverstein had the great desire to be popular among women. He also wanted to be a sportsman. Since both things were not working out, he began writing about himself and the experiences surrounding him. These influenced his writing. These became very popular.To Interesting Facts are,he had 2 children and lost his daughter.

Bear In There

The message he is trying to get across is their are animals all around us.The reason this poem stuck out to me is barbecue the poem reminds me of polar bears and that reminds of my cousin and I playing in the snow.Like I said I relate to the poem because of  my cousin and I playing in the snow.This poet is happy there is a polar bear in his fridge.

The Rhyme Scheme of this poem is A,A,A,B,C,D,C,E,F,G,F,H,H,A,A,A,A.One example of Alliteration is Bear and There.One example of Personification is none.The repetition is when he repeats bear,there and Fridgitydaire. Lastly the style of the poem is a free verse.

I hope you all enjoyed this all I challenge you all to check out more of his poems there will be a link to the poems.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Which is better Mine-Craft or Terraria

Which Is Better Minecraft or Terraria I will give some facts about Minecraft and Terraria which ever one has the upper hand will win the fact contest but at the end the game with the most wins will win and that game wins is better.Let the contest start.World Size:                                   Terraria Large World:8,400 blocks wide,2,400 blocks high.Total blocks for T is 20160000.Minecraft:60000000 blocks wide,60000000 long,256 high.Total blocks for M is:9.216e+17{921600000000000000}Minecraft Wins this one so the score is 1:0Biomes:Terraria has 24 biomes including all 4 layers.Minecraft has 22 including the sky.Terraria wins this one so the score is now 1:1.
Mobs:Minecraft:Minecraft has 47 Mobs(Including Player and all sheep colours).Terraria has 93 mobs(Including the players,all the slimes,all skeletons,and Both the twins.Terraria wins yet again.1:2Potions:Minecraft:72(Including the splash potions).Terraria:27                         Minecraft wins this one!!2:2Armour-Fullest:MineCraft:19(Including all colored leather armour).Terraria:21(Including all sets for Hallowed,Adamantite,Mythril,and Cobalt armour).Terraria wins this won,so the score is 2:3.Weapons:Terraria:199 weapons(Including all colors of the Phaseblade,and the phasesaber).Minecraft:19(Including TNT,and all of the SPLASH POTIONS with negative effects.Score = 2:4.
Blocks:Minecraft:158(Including block 36)Terraria:84(Including all the walls).Minecraft wins.3:4
Enchmeants:Minecraft:65(Including all levels)Terraria:83Terraria wins this one,3:5.
Tools:Minecraft:29Terraria:42Terraria wins!!!!3:6 simplified to 1:3
Plants:Minecraft:15Terraria:12Minecraft wins!!!!4:6

Npcs:Terraria: 12 (including Old Man)Minecraft: 6Terraria Wins This OneMinecraft: 4 Terraria: 7Pets:Minecraft: 4Terraria: 1Minecraft Wins That OneMinecraft: 5 Terraria: 7Bosses:Minecraft: 2Terraria: 8Terraria Wins This OneMinecraft: 5 Terraria: 8Ores:Minecraft: 8Terraria: 10Terraria Wins This OneMinecraft: 5 Terraria: 9difficulty Settings:Minecraft: 4Terraria: 3Minecraft Wins That OneMinecraft: 6 Terraria: 9Modes:Terraria: 2Minecraft: 3Minecraft Wins That OneMinecraft: 7 Terraria: 9Crafting Stations:Minecraft: 2Terraria: 16Terraria Wins That OneMinecraft: 7 Terraria: 10electricity Items:Minecraft: 33 (Including Redstone Ore)Terraria: 11Minecraft Wins That OneMinecraft: 8 Terraria: 10
Music Tracks:Terraria: 13Minecraft: 24Minecraft Wins That OneMinecraft: 9 Terraria: 10Possible Skins:Minecraft: 3233663840 (measured In Pixels) (10digits)Terraria: 120169940 (9 digits)Minecraft Wins That OneMinecraft 10 Terraria 10Tie BreakerCrafting Recipes:Terraria: 347Minecraft: 146Terraria Wins This One

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mine-Craft Comes Alive??!!

ine-Craft Comes Alive??      
Brief Description & Features

  • "Hrrh!"Villagers are no longer Caveman Squidwards and no longer make sound.They are now male or female humans with over 200 unique skins.
  • You can interact with villagers in many ways, such as chatting with them, asking them to follow you, hiring them to do work, giving them gifts, and more!
  • Interacting with villagers builds relationships. Get your relationship high enough, and you'll be able to marry a villager.

  • Once you're married, you can have children. Children will grow up over time and do many different chores for you.

  • Children eventually grow up into adults, who can get married and have children of their own.

  • You can marry other players and have children in SMP and LAN.

  • MCA will change the way you play hardcore mode forever. Playing in hardcore unlocks a small, but game-changing super-secret feature.
  • There's no loss of original Minecraft functionality. MCA villagers can be traded with.
How to Play

Getting Started 

You'll definitely want to grab a village seed before playing, unless you'd like to find a village naturally. Luckily, we know about a few seeds that spawn you in a village!

These two seeds are for Minecraft versions 1.5.x and 1.6.x. If you know about more, let us know on the forums or by e-mail!

Now that you've gotten a seed, or are prepared to find a village, let's start a new world and see what happens!
A setup screen? What sorcery is this? You'll have three short pages to go through to set up MCA. You will do this each time you enter a new world, as the settings you pick here are world-specific.
  • Page 1: Select a gender for your character. This will affect what your children call you, like "Mommy" or "Daddy".

  • Page 2: You will enter a name for your character. It's your username by default, but you can change it to whatever you'd like. Villagers will call you by this name.

  • Page 3: There are a few options you can change in MCA here. You can change them later as well.

  • Hide Sleeping Tag - When Yes is selected, "Sleeping" will not be shown above a villager's head when they are asleep.

  • Children Grow Automatically - When Yes is selected, children will start small and grow gradually into an adult. When No is selected, children will always remain the same size and require confirmation from you before they are allowed to become an adult.

  • Display Mood Particles - When a villager is angry or sad and Yes is selected, things such as smoke and tears will be shown around them so that you can gauge their mood from a distance.

  • Show Name Tags - When Yes is selected, a villager's name is shown above their head when you look at them.

  • Preference - This is the gender that your character prefers. This only affects a marriage arranged by a priest.
That's it for Setup! Now find yourself a village and let's start playing MCA!


To interact with a villager, simply right-click them to see all of the different things you can do.

Meet Jackson the Miner! At the top and left of the screen, you will see some general information about him, such as his hearts value (how much he likes you), his name and profession, his current mood, and his trait, which both affect which interactions work well and how easy he is to get along with. He's a serious person, so he probably won't appreciate any jokes we tell him especially if he's in a bad mood!

Below Jackson's information, you'll see we can do several things with him.
Interact - Here you can do things to try and increase your hearts with Jackson, such as chatting, joking, giving a gift, shaking his hand, etc. Depending on his mood, trait, and how many times in a row you've interacted with him, your interaction may succeed or fail horribly!Hint: Press Ctrl to see how likely it is for each interaction to succeed!Ride Horse - By clicking this, Jackson will hop onto the nearest horse, provided that it is tamed and saddled.Follow Me - Jackson will begin following you wherever you go once you press this.Hint: Guards will not follow you unless they're hired!Stay - Jackson will stay at his current location until you tell him to move again.Set Home - At night, villagers teleport to their homes and go to sleep. Clicking Set Home will mark Jackson's current location as the point where he will teleport to go to sleep.Special - Each profession has a special ability. It may be the ability to be hired, such as a guard, or you could simply request aid from a villager to get a little extra food or other trinkets.Trade - This will bring up the original trading menu that you would get when right-clicking a Testificate.Depending on the type of villager, you may not have as many options as you do with a standard villager like Jackson.


 Marriage is the next step to access MCA's features. You have three options when it comes to marriage:
  1. Marry a villager. Hearts value must be 100 or above. Gift a wedding ring to the villager you'd like to marry.
  1. Marry a player. You must have a wedding ring and they must agree. Bring up a player's interaction menu by right-clicking them with a wedding ring or nothing else in your hands.
  1. Enter into an arranged marriage. Choose the Arranged Marriage option from a Priest's Special menu. You will become married to a random nearby villager.
Hint: If you decide to marry a villager, you should craft an engagement ring and give it to them first! Then, once you give them the wedding ring, nearby villagers will give you gifts to congratulate you!


Now we'd like you to meet Robin (ignore Jackson riding the horse in the background). She is married to the player and, as you can see, has a different set of options to choose from.Cook Food - Spouses can cook raw food for you, provided that a furnace is nearby and that they have fuel in their inventory.Hint: Some villagers cook faster or slower than others!Procreate - Clicking procreate will cause your spouse to jump around with hearts surrounding them. After a few seconds, a baby will appear in their inventory and you will be able to give it a name!Inventory - You will be able to equip your spouse with armor and place things into their inventory!Combat - Spouses will also fight with you if you want them to. Clicking the Combat button will allow you to change their combat settings.


There are actually two ways to obtain children. 
One way is to get married and choose Procreate. Once you have a child with your spouse, it will be a baby and will appear in your spouse's inventory.
The other way is to visit a priest and choose Adopt Baby. You will not be able to name this baby.

Once you have a baby, it will take about 10 minutes by default to grow up. This can be changed in your mod's settings. See the FAQ for details.
You'll be notified when the baby is ready to grow up. When it's ready, right click the ground while holding it to make it grow up into a child!

Here's little Nathaniel. His interaction interface should look fairly familiar with the exception of the Chores button, which will be covered in the next section.

Assuming you left all of the default settings on the mod's setup screen, Nathaniel will gradually grow taller as he gets older.

By default, Nathaniel will be fully grown after three hours of real time. This can be changed in the mod's settings. See the FAQ for details. You will be notified when Nathaniel is fully grown, after which he will no longer do chores and can then get married and have children of his own.
Hint: Give your children golden apples to cause them to have a growth spurt!

Once your baby has grown into a child, you can instruct them to do several different chores for you. Your child will have an experience level in each chore, and it will increase slightly each time they successfully perform a chore. Higher experience equals greater and/or faster results!When your child unlocks a new ability through high experience, you are notified.


From the Chores menu, you can access the five different chores 

available plus your child's combat settings. Some chores have different "methods" or "sub-chores", if you will, which change what the child does when performing that chore.

Farming - Create FarmWhen instructing your child to create a farm, you must also tell them how large the farm should be and what they should plant.Farming - Maintain FarmChildren can also harvest and replant crops within the radius that you specify. A radius of 5 means they will search 5 blocks out from their current position.FishingFishing is just that, fishing! There's no settings to modify here.WoodcuttingWhen telling your child to do the woodcutting chore, you must tell them what type of tree you want them to cut.Mining - Active MiningWhen choosing active mining, you must specify a direction and a distance (in blocks). When the chore begins, your child will mine a 2 block high tunnel in that direction for the distance you specify.Mining - Passive MiningWhen choosing passive mining, you must tell your child what ore you are looking for. Once the chore begins, they will tell you how far away you are from that ore every 10 seconds!Hunting - TameThis mode of the hunting chore requires that the child has materials that Minecraft's animals like, such as carrots for pigs and seeds for chickens. They will disappear for about five minutes and return with the animals they successfully tamed.Hunting - KillThis mode of hunting will make your child kill animals and bring back their meat while they are hunting.Hint: Children have a high chance of dying while hunting if they don't wear armor and have a weapon!


In MCA, villagers don't quite know who they like and don't like. You, the player, must play the role of a matchmaker for both other villagers and your children!

Nathaniel is now all grown up and we've found a great match for him, Whitney the Priest!
To get them married, we first need to craft two Arranger's Rings. Then, when they are close together, gift an arranger's ring to one of them. Whitney will then become Nathaniel's wife, which will be reflected when you interact with her.
Now that Nathaniel has a wife, he and she can now have children. To encourage two married villagers to procreate, you craft two cakes, and, while the two married villagers are close to each other, gift a cake to one of them. They will take both cakes and have a child after a short time!
Other villagers' children grow up in the same amount of time it takes for your babies and children to grow, ten minutes then three hours respectively by default, which can be changed in the mod's settings. 
The children of other villagers will grow up into normal villagers who can offer their services to you.


Now that we've gotten married to a villager and gotten our child married, what if we change our mind?


Aidan the Priest can help us out with that, offering the ability to end our marriage with our spouse as well as end any other villager's marriage.Hint: When divorcing from your spouse, they must be nearby or else you won't get your wedding ring or any of the items in their inventory back!If divorcing your spouse, this naturally won't make them very happy! Don't expect to get a second chance with the same villager without a lot of hard work!

It's also worth mentioning that your marriage will end if your spouse dies, and the same applies to all other villagers.


After gifting two cakes to Nathaniel and Whitney, they had a baby! After a little while, he grew up and we got to find out what they named him.

Grandchildren, once they are grown up, can continue to get married and have children of their own. This cycle can continue indefinitely. You can even have Great great grandchildren and so on! (That's an achievement, by the way!)


MCA also offers a completely separate gameplay enhancement - the ability to become a king or a queen! You can do so by crafting a crown.Hint: You can only become a monarch by crafting a crown! You do not become one when picking a crown up or putting it on!

Becoming a monarch will drastically change how you play MCA. You will be able to access a new menu when interacting with villagers by clicking the new Monarchbutton.
From this menu, you can execute a villager, make them a peasant, a knight, or demand tribute from them. A peasant or a knight will work for you for free, and they won't be able to work for anyone else. Build up your own kingdom and really make it yours!
Keep in mind that being a monarch is not without its consequences!
  • You can get married to more than one person.
  • Villagers automatically get 100 hearts towards you.
  • Tribute from villagers generally consists of rare and valuable items.
  • You can name one of your children as an heir.
  • All actions on a villager that change their hearts value will affect every surrounding villager.
  • Demanding tribute too often will make the villager stop giving any tribute at all, permanently!
Hint: Executing villagers will raise hearts with everyone nearby slightly due to fear! Executing villagers too often, however, will make everyone hate you!


When you inevitably die while you are a monarch, your monarch status will be forgotten completely. All of your relationships will be reset as well. In order to become a monarch again, you must name one of your children as an heir using the Heir Crown.Once you die, the child you've named as an heir will acquire monarch armor and put his crown on. If you visit this child after you've died, you can recover your inventory (even if it was destroyed by lava!) as well as your monarch status without having to craft another crown.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is Technology Messing With Your Brain

    Is Technology Messing With Your Brain

    Is tech messing with Your head?The argument that is at hand is, that people are debating if mindless video games and videos are messing with your head.Kids are learning things in games such as how to mine,how to type and lastly,how to have fast reflexes.

    Kids are learning how to mine because they play MineCraft you have to mine.Runescape you also mine but more complex.

     Kids learn how to type because that is the only way to communicate on both games :MineCraft and RuneScape other than :phone skype Mic. and lastly facetime.Kids mostly type while they have a skype call because when you play factions/clans because some members can't call/skype with the others.

Kids learn how to have fast reflexes because they need to type fast/kill fast in MineCraft because you will may be fighting someone and need backup so you type fast to call backup.You may also need them because you would be fighting mobs like ghasts blaze and WITHER where you need those reflexes.

So those are my three reasons video games/videos are not corrupting your brain and they can actually help you.So now you know my side right?WHATS YOURS?I want you all to tell me in anyway/shape/form to tell me your side and three simple reasons.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Minecraft rouge like dungeons mod is a fairly good one.If you are a type of person who likes to explore dungeons but it is just too boring for well then this mod is right for you. 

In my opinion this mod is to make dungeons more interesting but it really does more than that because it adds a lot more variety in minecraft.

In conclusion I challenge you all to try this mod so I hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Minecraft Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a very complex mod for mine-craft it includes various Pokemon such as snorlax Mew Mew#2,Darkri,the trio Artaquino,Zapdos,and Moltres.These legendary Pokemon are from different regions such as the Hoenn region-Johto region.

I think that the Pixelmon is a very good mod for Minecraft it involves the crafting aspect of minecraft but also all of the capturing in pokemon.

I challenge you all to find  out what Minecraft and Pokemon is so that you can to play the minecraft mod pixelmon.